Religious zealots have a bad track record in public policy

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Even if inflation stopped immediately, many of the current prices of basic necessities are unlikely to drop significantly. Combine that with layoffs at major corporations, a slowing housing market, record personal debt, and consumers cutting back on unnecessary spending. The White House can call it whatever it wants, but the semantics won’t change what is already an economic downturn, which is more than likely to get worse before it gets better.

Mary, Tinley Park

Maddie from Orland Park: Suppose you are witnessing the implementation of abortion mandates. Legitimate reasons are eliminated as well as accessibility to contraceptives. Like your comment about the policeman, it’s about punishment. You want to punish women but in reality you are punishing children. They can be born in tragic situations, that is, parents who use alcohol or drugs. Unless life advocates are willing to step in and adopt these children, it’s equally tragic. Like you said, a life is a life. In theory, it could be a lost child for a saved one. There has to be a better way to solve the abortion dilemma. Remember that religious fanatics didn’t fare well with their treatment of witches and scholars of history.

Mary, Mokena

What a breath of fresh air see Liz Nagy in the 5:00 a.m. slot with Alan Krashesky. So natural together, please keep it there.

To Tom from Burbank and his statement about you can’t hide. The same goes for people who illegally possess Top Secret documents and leave them lying around where any foreign agent might take them.

Marc, Orland Park

I’ve always tried to watch a local morning news show. I don’t want to hear (presenters’) personal opinions on the stories, nor do I want to see them dancing in their seats to the background music. This is my personal opinion.

M, oak forest

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