Natural Beauty at Religious Hotspots 8 Perfect Weekend Getaways from Chennai

Chennai Weekend Getaway: Chennai is not only home to beautiful beaches and historic towns, but also charming hilltop villages, breathtaking architecture and tranquil retreats. The cultural heritage of the areas around the city is one of the reasons why the city of Tamil Nadu is one of the most visited cities in India. Chennai is one of those places that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. From week-long celebrations and beach retreats to temples and delicious cuisine, this city has it all for a wonderful weekend.Also Read – Maintain strict surveillance, take preventative measures to control COVID: Center writes in 5 states amid surge in cases

Plan your perfect weekend with these destinations in Chennai:

1. Tirupati

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Best time to visit: September to March Also Read – Tamil Nadu to isolate international travelers with symptoms of monkeypox

About Tirupati: Tirupati is the place to go if you like history, archeology and a bit of tradition. Tirupati, one of the most important places of pilgrimage, is located in Andhra Pradesh district of Chittoor. Tirupati has a population of 374,260, making it the eighth most populous city in the state. Tirupati, the spiritual capital of Andhra Pradesh, has been included in the Indian government’s Smart Cities mission for development. Even if you don’t like visiting religious sites, Tirupati’s architectural magnificence is worth a visit. Also Read – Retail prices of tomatoes in major metros are skyrocketing to Rs 77 per kg. Check its prices in different cities

Where to stay: Tirupati offers many accommodation options ranging from budget hotels to luxury hotels. Fortune Select Grand Ridge (0877 222 1818, Price – Rs 3700 approx), Fortune Kences (0877 225 5855, Price – Rs 3400 approx), Hotel Raj Park (0877 222 3666, Price – Rs 2200 approx) and Hotel Bliss (0877 223 7773, Price – Rs 2400). Book your rooms in advance because being one of the biggest places of pilgrimage, it is always full.

Distance from Chennai: 135 km (about 2 hours)

2. Pondicherry


Best time to visit: You can visit Pondicherry at any time of the year.

About Pondicherry: Pondicherry, also known as Pondicherry, was a French colony. Pondicherry, however, retains its French air and appearance even after the French have left. Pondicherry, located on the east coast of India, has long been a popular holiday destination. This site is a must-see because of the beautiful tree-lined walkways and French-style residences. The best way to see this city is to rent a bike and ride around. Scuba diving, surfing and scuba jumping are just some of the adventure sports available.

Where to stay: Pondicherry being a beach town, there are not only hotels for accommodation but you can also stay in many beautiful beach resorts. Pondicherry Promenade (0413 222 7750, Tariff- Rs 6700 approximately), Accord Puducherry (0413 229 9000, Tariff- Rs 3300 approximately) and Le Royal Park (0413 223 1500, Tariff-Rs 3100 approximately) are among the best hotels in Pondicherry. And for the resorts, you have The Windflower Resort & Spa (+91 99014 46666, Price- Rs 6200 approximately), Nature Loft Beach Resort (+9195009 00998, Price- Rs 2100 approximately) and also the Beach View Resort (+91 97906 18579, Price- Rs 750 approximately).

Distance from Chennai: 170.8 km (about 3h19)

3. Yelagiri


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Best time to visit: October to February

About Yelagiri: The magnificent Yelagiri, which is also one of the most well-known hiking spots, is located in the Vellore district. Yelagiri, also known as Elagiri, is a small town with 14 charming hamlets located among the lush and beautiful four hills. This place is famous for its vast tea plantations, bright gardens, green valleys and stunning landscapes. Yelagiri is a small town with 14 charming hamlets located among four wooded and beautiful hills. This place is famous for its vast tea plantations, bright gardens, green valleys and stunning landscapes. The hiking trails that climb to the top of Swami Malai Hill pass through lush forests.

Where to stay: Yelagiri has many hotels and a few resorts for accommodation. Each of them offers the best facilities and amenities.Yelagiri Residency (+9196006 84369, rate – Rs 1000 approx), Hotel Landmark (04179 245 335, rate – Rs 3100 approx), Hotel Kumararraja Palace (04179 245 325, rate – Rs 3300 approximately) and Rhythms Lake View Resorts (+9194866 77461, Price – Rs 1600 approximately).

Distance from Chennai: 230.3 km (about 4h35)

4. Thanjavur


Best time to visit: October to April

About Thanjavur: Thanjavur is recognized as the cultural capital of Tamil Nadu. Before becoming Thanjavur, it was known as Tanjore. South Indian culture, art and architecture are well known in this metropolis. Thanjavur is home to several Living Chola temples which are also UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This city is a great party for those who love art. Thanjavur is also known as the Rice Bowl of Tamil Nadu due to its rice culture. Thanjavur is unique in that it is named after a demon named Tanjan, who is said to have been killed by Vishnu.

Where to stay: Lakshmi Hotel (04362 278 161, Rate-Rs 3400 approximately), Tanjore Hi Hotel (04362 252 111, Rate-Rs 6300 approximately), Hotel Gnanam (04362 278 503, Rate-Rs 2800 approximately) and Hotel Parisutham (04362 231 801, Rate-Rs 3900 approx) are the many accommodation options in Thanjavur. They are all located in the major attraction sites of Thanjavur.

Distance from Chennai: 383.3 km (about 6h33)

5. Yercaud

(Image source: Salem/Twitter Updates)

Best time to visit: October to June

About Yercaud: Yercaud is a pretty hill station in the Salem district of Tamil Nadu. The scenic splendor is what attracts the majority of visitors to this place, which is also located in the magnificent Shevaroys hill range. Be sure to visit this place, located at an altitude of 4970 meters above sea level, on your next weekend getaway. This hill station is considered the jewel of the south due to its abundance of forests and lakes. Yercaud, known for its coffee plantations and orange groves, is the place to be if you want pristine surroundings, stunning vistas and adventure sports.

Where to stay: A weekend getaway to Yeracud will be even better if you choose to stay at one of these hotels. These hotels range from mid-range to budget. Grand Estancia (0427 277 7770, Price – Rs 3300 approximately), GRT Nature Trails Sky Rocca (04281 225 100, Price – Rs 6300 approximately), Wellington Hill Resort (04281 223 377, Price – Rs 1700 approximately) and Golden Nest Resorts ( 081440 81440, Price- Rs 2600 approximately).

Distance from Chennai: 358 km (about 7 hours)

6. Mahabalipuram


(Image source: Unsplash)

Best time to visit: November to March

About Mahabalipuram: Mahabalipuram, the shortest distance from Chennai, is a fantastic choice for history and nature lovers. Mahabalipuram is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and its monuments are worth visiting in this ancient city. It was mainly built between the 7th and 9th centuries, making it a site of historical and archaeological significance. Mahabalipuram Beach is a top tourist destination which attracts a large number of visitors every day. It is also renowned for the water sports that are available.

Where to stay: There are many accommodation options in Mahabalipuram. 3-star options cost an average of Rs.2,200 per night while 5-star options cost around Rs.8,500 per night. The Mammalla Heritage Hotel is a good 2 star option which costs Rs 2,700 per night. The Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay (044 2744 3636) is a good choice for a luxurious stay.

Distance from Chennai: 56 km (about 1h30)

7. Vellore

(Photo credit: Pooja Kaushik/Twitter)

Best time to visit: November to February

About Velolore: Vellore, a city with a long history of kings, is another notable historical city adjacent to Chennai in southern India. Vellore was ruled by Pallavas, Medieval Cholas, Later Cholas, Vijayanagar Empire, Rashtrakutas, Carnatic Empire and finally the British on several occasions. Vellore is also one of the most culturally engaged cities in South India. Pongal and other festivals are zealously celebrated in this region. Despite a turbulent history marked by war and death, Vellore is now a peaceful and uncomplicated destination ideal for a relaxing break from Chennai.

Where to stay: The Darling Residence (0416 221 3001, Price – Rs 2,700) is an excellent choice for an economical stay in Vellore. The Regency Sameera Vellore by GRT Hotels (0416 220 6466) is another good choice for a comfortable stay which costs around Rs 4800 a night.

Distance from Chennai: 140 km (about 3 hours)

8. Kanchipuram

(Photo credit: Pooja Kaushik/Instagram)

Best time to visit: September to March

About Kanchipuram: Kanchipuram, often known as Kanchi, is a small but beautiful city in Tamil Nadu. This region is renowned for its exquisite and well-designed silk sarees and is often referred to as the golden city of a thousand temples. Kanchipuram is also historically significant as it is one of the seven sacred cities of India. Leave your religious views at home and come see this city for its architectural marvels. The Kanchipuram temples are proof that this city was dominated by Dravidian heritage at a time when it was ruled by kings and rulers.

Where to stay: Kanchipuram sees many tourists every year so there is no shortage of accommodation options. Regency Kanchipuram by GRT Hotels (044 2722 5250, rate Rs 4000 approximately), MMHotels (044 2722 7250, rate Rs 1300 approximately), Hotel Baboo Soorya (044 2722 2556, rate Rs 1900 approximately) and Sree Sakthi Residency (044 2723 3799, Price- Rs 2000 approximately). These are the many options one can consider for a comfortable stay in Kanchipuram.

Distance from Chennai: 72 km (about 1h30)

What are you waiting for? Plan your perfect weekend getaway from Chennai!

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