Eidul Azha celebrated with religious fervor across Punjab

FAISALABAD: Eidul Azha was celebrated with fervor and religious enthusiasm in the district. Eid congregations were held in mosques and open places. Devotees sacrificed animals following the Sunnah of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) after offering their Eid prayers. The divisional and district administrations and the police had taken elaborate security and administrative measures to avoid any untoward incidents during the days of Eid.

After offering Eid prayers, Deputy Commissioner Sohail Ashraf visited the Office of Child Welfare and Protection. He met the detained children and cut a cake. Ejaz Aslam Dogar, District Officer of the Child Protection and Welfare Office, and others were also present. Expressing his view, the DC said the well-being of the neglected is a joint responsibility of society. He said that we must not forget the disadvantaged segments of society on the eve of Eid. He said he felt very happy spending time with the bright youngsters. He asked the CPWB administration to take special care of the children.

Meanwhile, Commissioner Zahid Hussain and Deputy Commissioner Sohail Ashraf visited various areas of the city with FWMC CEO Bilal Feroz Joya to review the cleanliness operation. They visited Jhang Road, Batala Colony, Susan Road, Madina Town, Jaranwala Road, Samanabad, Dijkot Road and other locations in the city and checked the performance of FWMC staff regarding disposal of sacrificial animal waste. They also interacted with citizens and said providing rapid relief to the public was the top priority. They informed that CM Hamza Shehbaz was also overseeing the cleanliness campaign in the province.

The Deputy Commissioner also visited the FWMC control room to check on the performance of the teams. He checked the entries of complaints and their processing time. He also phoned the complainants on site and asked them about the redress of their complaints. MD FWMC briefed on the operation of the 1139 hotline and said that 16 lines were available for complainants.

SIALKOT: Eidul Azha was celebrated with religious fervor throughout the district. Eid prayers were offered in Eidgahs, mosques and open places in the neighborhood amid heightened security. Ulema and Khateeb, in their Eid sermons, emphasized the meaning and philosophy of sacrifice. On this occasion, special prayers were offered for the unity, solidarity and progress of Pakistan and the welfare of Muslims. After Eid prayers, camels, cows, goats and sheep were sacrificed by the people. Police and other law enforcement remained vigilant as Sialkot Police had developed a foolproof security plan for Eidul Azha to avoid any untoward incidents. The senior police official said the officers were carrying out their duties vigilantly.

LALAMUSA: Eidul Azha was celebrated with zeal and religious fervor here on Sunday. Eid congregations were held across the city. The main Eid congregation was held at Markazi Eidgah. Special prayers were offered for the prosperity of the nation and the unity of Muslims.

NANKANA SAHIB: Eidul Azha was celebrated across the district on Sunday.

Eid congregations were held in 535 venues, including mosques and Imambargahs. Prayers were also offered for the solidarity, integrity and progress of the country. Later, the masses sacrificed their animals. Meanwhile, the district police took strict security measures to avoid any untoward incidents.

GUJRANWALA: As in other parts of the country, the people of Gujranwala also celebrated Eid with fervor and religious enthusiasm.

Eid prayers were offered in mosques and Imambargahs. Special prayers were also offered for the integrity and prosperity of the country. Strict security measures have been taken by the police and the district administration for the protection of citizens’ lives and property.

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