Devout Religious People Have Better Sex: Shocking Study

Oh my God!

For good sex, it turns out, you have to have faith.

People with strong religious beliefs have higher levels of sexual satisfaction, new research suggests study published in the Journal of Sex Research.

Despite the fact that devout people aged 18-59 tend to do so less frequently, results from the UK National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles indicate that religious people enjoy the bedroom more.

According to the results, devout married women reported having a more satisfying sex life than non-devout women. Single religious men insisted that they also had very satisfying love lives, but responded less favorably when considering attitudes towards casual sex.

Researchers also found that sex outside of the sacred union of marriage – whether casual or loveless, the two generally forbidden to the most devout – was not considered sexually satisfying for men and women who loved.

“The relationship between sex frequency and sexual satisfaction is neither simple nor straightforward,” said Nitzan Peri-Rotem of the University of Exeter, who worked with Vegard Skirbekk of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. and Columbia University on the new report.

Gender among religious and non-religious people played a major role in how much they enjoyed casual sex and its satisfaction as well.

A quarter of the men and women surveyed say they are satisfied with their sex life.
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“For women, having no sexual partners, as well as having 10 or more lifetime sexual partners, is found to be associated with lower sex life satisfaction,” Peri-Rotem explained.

Meanwhile, the men didn’t seem to mind the little black book numbers.

“In men, on the other hand, no relationship is found between the number of lifetime sexual partners and sexual satisfaction,” she added.

The study also found other surprising links when it comes to the types of people who believe they have a good sex life.

In addition to religious associations, education plays on levels of fulfillment for sex. Their analysis revealed that highly educated individuals tended to have less sex, but – unlike the chaste ones – weren’t so happy about it.

Nearly 40% of men reported having had ten or more sexual partners in their lifetime compared to a quarter of women.
Nearly 40% of men reported having had 10 or more sexual partners in their lifetime compared to a quarter of women.
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A common thread among everyone involved in the study was that excess sex and lack of fornication led to lower levels of fulfillment.

Research suggests that more promiscuous people are less likely to have longer relationships, and as a result, men and women who admitted to having lots of casual encounters were less sexually satisfied.

As to why, Peri-Rotem explained that “sexual satisfaction initially increases with frequency of intercourse” but “decreases again with higher number of sexual occasions”, so “having ‘too much’ sex can result in a lower level of sexual satisfaction in life.”

Virgins or those who have not had lifelong sexual partners also admitted to not being fulfilled in the study.

“In all types of relationships,” Peri-Rotem said, “too much or too little sex is associated with lower sexual satisfaction.”

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