Abortion law rulings a religious fiasco – Chicago Tribune

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The person who writing about all the religious fiascos that happened was right. It’s about to happen again. People who want to ban abortions just want to play God and don’t understand the ramifications. Those seeking abortion cannot support or want a child. So you want to condemn these children to a life of pain and agony and, in all likelihood, poverty? Are you going to adopt these children to be sure that they will be taken care of? I do not think so. Every night when you go to bed, think about all the kids you put in harm’s way just so you could pretend you saved lives.

Mary, Mokena

Every time in for a while I make myself sick listening to liberal radio just to get an opposing point of view. Everyone is angry with this 13-year-old car thief who was shot. How come no one is speaking out against the parents of the 13-year-old car thief and why is this 13-year-old boy hijacking cars with a gun by the way? Nobody seems to care.

Tom, Burbank

Yeah I was just wondering why republican states, like florida, gas is $3. 61 a gallon, but yet in Democratic states like Illinois it’s $5.29 or $5.39. What happened? Didn’t Pritzker get the message to lower our gas prices? If that’s not a reason to live in a Republican state, I don’t know what is.

Shelly, Oak Lawn

Hospitals are a risk for patients with low-grade health conditions. Unless your illness is life-threatening and requires surgery or incubation, don’t go. Staphylococcal infections are common in hospitals.

M.G, Chicago

i’m a proud Black woman who worked two jobs to keep a roof over my children’s heads and food on the table. I also attended night school to get a college education. I was lucky to have a mother whom I call my guardian. Chicago is ranked No. 2 for black homicide rate. I’ve witnessed why most black men turn out the way they are, because of a single mother who turns the other cheek, who doesn’t see or believe what’s going on around her . There are hardworking black mothers doing their best. My heart is with them.

BJ, Hazel Crest

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