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A child from the village of San Pedro Colombia, in Toledo, was recently denied the Eucharist. This led the villagers to express their displeasure with the priest’s decision and later led to the identification of several issues between the two Catholic churches in the village. There seems to be a dispute between these two churches and Senior Correspondent Paul Mahung has learned more about it.

Paul Mahung, Love FM News: Some villagers in San Pedro Colombia are upset and dissatisfied with two recent decisions and projects affecting some members of the Catholic congregation in their village. At Thursday afternoon’s meeting in San Pedro, Colombia, disgruntled villagers took the opportunity to express their displeasure. Like others present at the meeting who are hoping for a workable solution to their concerns, Amelia Lara spoke about the first concern as discussed at the meeting.

Amelia Lara, Resident:On May 29, last Sunday, a child was denied the Holy Eucharist here at the Roman Catholic Church of San Pedro in Colombia, and the reason was that she does not attend Catholic Church number one, but rather the number two catholic church in the same village. So, as a result, the villagers gathered. A meeting has been called to resolve the issue, as we don’t want the same situation to happen again. The result of today’s meeting is that a petition will be made by both congregations, signed and emailed to the Bishop requesting that the child be publicly excused on Confirmation Day when we ask that she receives her first communion on the scheduled day. date, May 15.

Paul Mahung, Love FM News: Another villager, Virgilio Cas, spoke to Love News about the second concern.

Virgilio Cas, Resident:Regarding the indictment in Colombia, because right now we have two indictments, and that was in 2010, 2012, roughly there. People have gathered because the village is big. The bill to be charged, they went through all the work. They miss the nation too, always continued to do the service. A spell that the Father would like… He intended to close it, so that the people who gather here would go to the first church. Right now we are Colombia two. The first church is that of Colombia. So, but what we ask if the bishop, the priest and the congregation get together, so that we can discuss the way forward.

Paul Mahung, Love FM News: Claver parish pastor, Father Matt Ruhl in Toledo, shared with Love News the Catholic Church’s position on both concerns.

Matt Ruhl, Priest, Catholic Church:The child did not receive Communion. Why didn’t the child receive Communion? Well, let me give you the story. The child’s father, the child’s family belongs to a breakaway church. OK. So they are not part of the Catholic Church. If they are not part of the catholic church, then I am not their pastor nor Father Sam. So I have no responsibility to attend the sacraments of anyone who is not part of the Catholic Church. I have nothing to do. The second thing is that last year the bishop wrote a very clear letter saying that second churches, dissenting churches should no longer be allowed. The sacraments will not be given. So Father Sam and others went to the mother and father of this child and said, “Don’t present this young woman for first communion. She doesn’t belong to the church. Alright, so they knew what was going to happen. They bring the child to first communion, and father Sam sees her, and he quietly takes the mother outside and says, “I’m sorry. You are not a member of this church. You’re not even a member of the Catholic church. I cannot give the sacraments to this child. And so the woman went home, and that’s the truth. This father and mother, I think, were very cruel in bringing this child to church and putting him through this embarrassment when they knew. They had been told that they would not be allowed to take her to first communion.

Paul Mahung, Love FM News: The village of San Pedro Colombia is traditionally known for its strong Catholic congregation. Reporting for Love News from San Pedro Colombia in Toledo, I’m Paul Mahung.

Father Matt Rush of the First Church told Love News that the girl would only receive Communion if she and her parents renounce their allegiance to the Second Church.

Matt Ruhl, Priest, Catholic Church:The people of this second church have turned their backs on me, the pastor. They turned their backs on the bishop, Larry Nicasio. They turned their backs on the Catholic Church which says very clearly, “You can’t start your own churches. So they started their own church, and there’s nothing I can do about it. Now, will this little girl ever receive her first communion? Yes. When the mother and father renounce their membership in this church and return to the one Catholic church, she will gladly receive all the sacraments she needs, and until then there is absolutely nothing I can do, because they are not not members of the Catholic Church. . If the splinter church members want to return to the church, in the name of God, my arms are open wide. I will absolutely positively embrace any desire of good will to return to the one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. Until then, I’m sorry to say, they’re just not my responsibility. This letter was written last year, in November of last year, and the church leadership of the second church received a copy of this letter. And why they didn’t stream it or share it with their members, I don’t know. I think it is very strange that this only appears a year later after this letter was written. And that shows me that the leadership of the breakaway church has not been open with its members.

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