Religious processions would have had women, elderly people and devotees

It was also found that the boys marching in the processions shouted abusive, even vulgar, slogans against Muslims and sang offensive songs. I can’t imagine those boys were smart enough to come up with these abusive slogans and compose vulgar anti-Muslim songs themselves. Adgurus did not do it. The script may have been given to them by their handlers. These are the real culprits who must be arrested.

These celebrations did not honor the name of Lord Ram. They have brought disgrace to the Hindu community. A celebration to commemorate the birth of Lord Ram should be a solemn affair, not a rowdy procession. Swords, staves and guns are not symbolic of Ram’s character. It is remembered that even the celebration of Dussehra, which marks Lord Ram’s victory over the demon king Ravana, was a mela rather than a procession, where effigies of Ravana and his two brothers were seen ablaze in a symbolic destruction of evil at the hands of Lord Ram.

It was also ironic, like Arfa Khanum Sherwani from Thread, observed that those in the processions danced (and shouted) in front of the mosques instead of going to the temples of Ram. In countless videos, a Ram temple has been seen to be nowhere in sight. The purpose apparently was not to worship Ram, it was to humiliate the Muslims, which they did.

A little knowledge of mob psychology would tell us that a mob of young, immature boys, who were given swords and clubs and guns, who were given offensive slogan and song scripts, who was told to follow a particular route and who was told to shout the given slogans at the appropriate places would certainly do so and most likely become violent. As they did.

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