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In Psalms 127:1 we read. “Except the Lord build a house, the work of his builder is in vain; Unless the Lord watches over a city, the watchman watches in vain. The Hebrew word “shav” is used in the Psalms to indicate that all activities such as working, guarding, rising early, and working hard for food were useless without God’s help. To have a strong family, its foundation must be in Christ. We need to take time for our loved ones. If we want our family to be blessed, it must be centered in Christ. The biblical story tells us that Solomon was chosen to build the Temple and he knew that building was not an easy task. Building a marriage and a family is the hardest task I can think of. We want to have time for the family but time flies. “How did he come so late so soon?” His night before his afternoon. December is here before June. My god how time has flown. How come it’s so late so early? (Dr. Seuss) Think about that statement. Many of you are watching your children and grandchildren graduate this year. “How did he come so late so soon?” That time with the kids will never come back. Make time in your busy schedule for your family. I heard a quote months ago and the truth touched my soul. “A Christian home is never defined by what the children do. It is defined by what the parents do. Your child could read the Bible every day, only listen to Christian music, only watch Christian videos, read all the missionary biographies in the library, know a million verses to memorize, only have Christian friends and never missing Sunday school or Bible study, and yet still not living in a Christian home.” Your child might read the Bible, miss Sunday school or Bible club, and yet not live in a Christian home. (Patrick and Ruth Schwenk)

God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. He celebrated the first marriage: Adam and Eve, the “first family” a man and a woman. Despite their sin, their Creator sought them out because He loved them. He said, “Adam, where are you? God calls us “Where are you?” God wants to transform your family. “Where are you?” When the people of Israel were about to enter the Promised Land, Moses commanded them as parents: “These commandments that I am giving you today must be on your hearts. Impress them on your children” (Deuteronomy 6:6-7a). In essence, Moses was saying, “You cannot imprint on the hearts of your children a truth that is not first imprinted on your own hearts. Seek God for your family. If you are without a church, bring your family back to Christ

There are Americans who are making a concerted effort to destroy family life and destroy the biblical foundation. Our society in general scoffs at morals and belittles the institution of marriage. God gave us the Bible, His inspired Word, and it contains principles, precepts, and promises that, if followed, will provide a solid family foundation. But, despite all our worries and frustrations, we can be sure that our Sovereign God is in control. “Hallelujah”, I pray daily for each of you that God’s blessing be upon you. Amen

Eddie Turner holds a Masters in Christian Ministry and a Bachelor of Science in Religion/Christian Counseling.

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