President calls on all religious bodies to fast and pray on Friday

President Irfaan Ali has declared Friday, April 8 as the National Day of Prayer and Fasting and he calls on all religious bodies to unite under the banner of “One Guyana” and support the day of fasting and prayer.

The day of fasting and prayers is called at this time because three important religious observances overlap this month.

The Christian community observes Lent and Easter, the Muslim community observes Ramadan and the Hindus observe Chaitra Navratri.

The Department of Public Information said the rare event provides a meaningful opportunity for Guyanese of all faiths to come together to pray for Guyana.

President Ali said he saw the moment as an opportunity for religious bodies and people of all belief systems to come together to promote the spirit of unity.

“I would like us to all fast together, pray together and stay together as ‘One Guyana’,” he said.

The National Day of Fasting and Prayers will culminate with a large inter-religious meeting at the National Park in a time of prayer, songs and reflections.

Similar activities are expected to take place in other parts of the country.

The President said that “the ‘One Guyana’ vision stems from our rich multicultural heritage and the need to ensure that our diversity remains a source of strength and not an instrument of division and disaffection.”

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