Jharkhand allows religious procession under certain conditions

The government of Jharkhand has authorized the religious procession under certain conditions in view of the upcoming festivals of Sarhul and Ram Navami.

The state’s disaster management department issued a notification in this regard on Wednesday. Aside from religious processions, all other types of processions will remain banned, the order said.

The opposition parties and some of the ruling parties are calling for a relaxation of religious processions in view of the two major festivals of Jharkhand. Sarhul festival will be celebrated on April 4 and Ram Navami on April 10 in the state.

The order, however, said the number of people in a religious procession should not exceed 100. Even if multiple processions converge at one location or arrangements are made for the reception of a procession, the total number of people must not exceed 1000 .

The religious procession is expected to end at 6 p.m. and the playing of pre-recorded music or DJs will be prohibited, the order said.

Procession participants must disinfect their hands and wear masks that properly cover their mouth and nostrils.

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