Jamshedpur: religious fervor grips the city, worshipers flock to akharas and temples

Jamshedpur, April 8: The city is gripped with religious fervor with Ram Navami and Navratra celebrations en route. Devotees flock to akharas and temples and hold kalash yatras to gain insight into the gods and goddesses.

Since morning, men and women have lined up to offer puja and catch a glimpse of Goddess Basanti today. Not only in Kalibari, but a good crowd was also seen at Aamra Sobai Club in Sonari which organizes Basanti Durga Puja. The Children of Ramakrishna, a socio-spiritual organization in Sidhgora also organizes the puja.

Men and women waited in two different queues to the temple gate and the flowers. Security personnel as well as temple volunteers were deployed along the way to guide worshippers. Apart from this, several ‘shobha yatras’ came out from different places in the city. Elaborate security arrangements are made by the Patna Police to keep the peace during the puja period. RAF jawans were seen patrolling the main thoroughfares and all important places in the city. Police were also deployed in civilian clothes to keep an eye on the thugs.

On the other hand, the city and all 159 akharas have prepared for their processions to be released tomorrow, April 11. The Bajrang Akhada released a kalash yatra yesterday with a full fanfare including crackers, half kilometer lighting and with 10 bands. The gathering was driven out of Subernarekha ghat at 9 p.m. The Thakur Pyara Singh and the Dhurender Singh Club, the oldest akhara in the city established in 1921, would take their procession out on Navami in the evening.

“The Kalashyatra is over. We usually take water from the well near the club and take it to the Hanuman temple. We are, however, looking forward to the procession on Navami which starts around 6 p.m.,” said Nirbhay Singh, one of the chief organizers of Thakur Pyara Singh Dhurender Singh Club.

In a bid to secure Ramnavmi’s peace, the administration of East Singhbhum made elaborate arrangements. The administration has deployed enough police and paramilitaries to prevent any untoward incident. Several hotspots have been identified and Rapid Action Force jawans will be displayed accordingly. A total of 265 magistrates and a large number of police officers will be deployed to monitor the policing mechanisms on the penultimate day and the parade day of the festival.

In addition, heavy vehicle traffic will be stopped on the day of the procession while private vehicles will be restricted in the city after 2 p.m. “While adequate security measures have been taken for the Ram Navami procession, we also call on the people and samities of akhara to cooperate with the administration to ensure a peaceful outcome of the nine-day festival,” Sandeep said. Meena, SDO, Dhalbhum.

“Following the instructions from the district administration, we have asked the akhara committees to avoid using glass tubes and kerosene during the procession as both items are very dangerous,” said RB Singh, top official of the Central Peace Committee.

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