Group urges Nigerians to avoid ethnic and religious sentiments

A non-governmental organization, One Nigeria Group (NGO), has called on Nigerians to shun ethnic and religious sentiments and vote for a patriotic Nigerian for president in the 2023 general elections.

The group’s chairman, Alhaji Muhammad Saleh-Hassan, made the call in a statement in Abuja on Friday.

Saleh-Hassan urged Nigerians to vote for a president, who should be a “pan-Nigerian” president, regardless of what part of the country he is from.

He urged patriotic Nigerians to prepare their permanent voter registration cards, ahead of the 2023 general election, so that they can vote for a patriotic pan-Nigerian president from anywhere in the country.

“Therefore, I call on all Nigerians, as the 2023 elections are fast approaching, as patriotic Nigerians, go get your PVCs and vote for a Pan-Nigerian President from any part of the country.

“It is important to keep in mind that ethnic and religious sentiments are killing our country faster than corruption.

“Today, ethnic sentiments have given rise to IPOB, Boko Haram, bandits and other criminal elements across the country.

“In the South-South in particular, these elements engage in economic sabotage and thus steal millions of barrels of crude oil,” he said.

The chairman of the group called on all patriotic Nigerians to join forces in the organization and overcome hatred, ethnic and religious sentiments, adding that Nigeria’s strength lies in its diversity.

“Let us all stand together against the criminal elements and enemies of Nigeria, who are trying to cripple our economy, divide us and set our country on fire.

“The elections will be held in peace, without pre- or post-election violence and the enemies of our country will cover their heads in shame.

“We must learn from the Ukrainian crisis and start loving our country, defending our country with all our might as we always promised,” he said.

Saleh-Hassan pointed out that over the years, ethnic and religious sentiments and the resulting criminality have only resulted in pain and misery for the country and its citizens.

“These have brought nothing to this country but pain and all kinds of evils which have produced widows, orphans and children without schooling.

“We have no other country but Nigeria, we must also remember that no country in the world will be able to contain 200 million refugees who may seek refuge if the unexpected happens,” he warned. .

The group also condemned all banditry attacks in the country and called on security agencies to continue doing their best to hold all criminals and separatists accountable.

The statement also quoted Sunday Attah, the group’s project coordinator, who called on Nigerian artists and musicians to condemn Boko Haram’s kidnapping activities through their music and work.

“They must stand up and denounce all activities that would give the country a bad name,” the statement added.

Source credit: NAN

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