Farruko doubles his religious awakening with “Nazareno”

With “Nazareno,” Farruko returns to making dance beats, and this time he brings God with him. Farruko made headlines earlier this year when he gave up his old music and started preaching about Christianity at concerts. “Nazareno” brings a catchy, hypnotic beat reminiscent of his sleeper hit “Pepas” – the song he says he won’t play again due to his promotion of drug use – before he embarked on a energetic, high-speed beat that’s sure to become a summertime anthem.

A quick recap of Farruko’s take on his career: Earlier this year on his Las 167 Tour he turned his stop in Miami into a pulpit and refused to play “Pepas”. This drew criticism from fans who felt they were being marketed for one type of show and getting another. He followed that up by posting “My Lova” a song about the pain he caused an ex and his suffering afterwards. The video is interwoven with religious motifs, such as Farruko carrying a cross through a crowd of mocking people looking to put her down.

Now with “Nazareno,” Farruko continues his Christian motives, but rather than swinging completely in a different direction and alienating his fan base, which he did earlier this year, he seems to be merging his past with his present.

For “Nazareno,” the video comes with a warning for graphic images. The song starts with acapella lyrics and a weird melody. “Videos and photos of me holding a glass to toast; suddenly I heard a voice say; “Son, what are you celebrating?” Farruko asks in his new song, which gives fans a better look at what got him to where he is today. “The whole world is here, and you’re on top, but I know inside you’re crying.”

The video reinforces the message of the song. It opens with an energetic club scene and quick cuts of people rubbing against each other, money thrown at dancers in cages, and clubgoers drinking and smoking as drugs circulate. These images are intercut with Farruko standing alone on a dance floor which displays a cross on the dance floor in neon lights.

When Farruko is in the crowd, he’s dressed in white amidst a sea of ​​black, which the press release says is meant to be. a symbolic demonstration of purity. About halfway through the video, another figure in a white hooded robe bathed in light, steps up behind him and whispers something in Farruko’s ear. The club scene freezes except for the two, and Farruko takes off his sunglasses and looks around. The action resumes, except the crowd has turned into demons attempting to attack Farruko. A bright light awakens him from the trance. He gets up and leaves the club. The song ends with the cross of the Trinity prayer and the video ends with a quote from the Book of Titus.

Does Farruko berate club culture with the clip? If he’s shown walking away from this world, will we still get party crackers, his bread and butter from him? Guess we’ll have to keep connecting.

Watch Farruko’s “Nazareno” below.

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