Are you spiritual but not religious? You’re not alone.

OHIO COUNTY, West Virginia (WTRF)

More and more people identify themselves as “spiritual but not religious”.

Perhaps they have been put off or alienated by organized religion.

But they feel they are a spiritual person nonetheless.

Sandscrest Conference and Retreat Center has an event for that.

SoulFeast is a four-part event that offers “ancient wisdom to contemporary people on spiritual paths”.

One night per month, from July to October, they will have a presentation on various ancient and precious spiritual practices.

“This series is about exploring practices that support spiritual journeys,” said Sandscrest Spiritual Director Nancy Woodworth-Hill. “This is not an event converting anyone to a particular religion.”

The parties start at 5.45pm as they congregate at Sandscrest, there is dinner at 6pm then the program runs from 6.45pm to 8pm

Each is an individual stand-alone event, and it is not necessary to attend all of them.

On July 19, the topic will be Charting Your Inner Map, looking at five simple shapes that can be used as spirit guides.

On August 24, the topic will be Encountering the Divine, using poetry, painting, photography and music to see “with the eye of the heart”.

On September 28, the subject is Labyrinth: A Journey of Discovery, and they will actually create a walking path and take a meditative walk.

And on October 18, the topic will be Mandala: Meet Your Deeper Self, and attendees will seek spiritual growth and wholeness.

The cost is $45 for each session, and this includes a dinner of summer dishes made with fresh produce from the garden.

The meal will be prepared to meet the dietary needs and restrictions of the participants.

The cost is $45 per session.

They will accept six to twelve participants.

You can register at

The Sandscrest Conference and Retreat Center is located at 143 Sandscrest Drive, off GC&P Road, Wheeling.

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